Monday 4 May 2020

Crazy Days Challenge - Day 40 - Cooking the Books Challenge - JUDITH'S CHOICE

Judith's Choice was:

 Book 1 = A Year in 120 Recipes by Jack Monroe

Page 70 = Autumn Puddings

I only had half the amount of fruit needed, so I simply halved all the other ingredients too.  I also had no white bread or any spare white sugar, so I used what I had.

It's a very easy recipe to follow, so simple.  Well I mean it's just fruit and bread really with a bit of sugar and a dash of water ... what could go wrong!!

Any of you who have made Summer Puddings before will notice immediately what I have done wrong on this photo.

Yup ... I forgot to line the pudding basin with clingfilm!!

And I didn't even think about this until I woke up this morning, it was literally the first thing on my mind 😄

I decided to have this for breakfast, well it's fruit and bread ... breakfast food disguised as a dessert.  Using my trusty flexible spatula inching carefully lower and lower down the pudding bowl I managed to ease it out in one piece.

Phew ... who needs cling film 🤣🤣

Gosh this was tasty.  

Far tastier than just soggy bread and fruit should be.  I'll definitely be making this one again.  It looked so good that Alan, even though he had just eaten two fried eggs on toast asked if he could have a small portion too.

We'll have the rest for dessert tonight with a dollop of ice-cream ... just so it doesn't seem too much like we're eating breakfast again 😃

Today I will be making Marlene's choice of Book 7, Page 8 ... see you tomorrow with the grand reveal.

Sue xx


  1. Your pudding for breakfast looks good, I think I would like it with some yogurt for breakfast and with some swedish glace for pudding. Helen S.

    1. Yes, yogurt would have been a good idea, I had eaten mine before I had chance to think of anything to go with it :-)

  2. My mom used to make this - I've always waned a proper pudding basin but can never seem to find something appropriate here.

    1. I'd forgotten I had this one, it was the perfect sized for a two person, four portion pudding.

  3. I've never used cling film and it seems you winged it anyway! Bet it was tasty.

    1. I've seen it done with cling film, and Jack's recipe said to use it but I just lined the dish with the bread before I even thought about it ... it would appear I'm pretty bad at following recipes. I seem to think I have read it through when in reality I have skipped bits!!

      Now that I know I can get the pudding out without it though I won't use it next time either ... and there will be a next time, this was delicious.

    2. Me too, haven't used cling film for 3 years...make my own beeswax wraps.

    3. Well I wouldn't use beeswax wraps but there are vegan alternatives. I use glass lidded containers in the fridge, or simply out a bowl or plate on top of things. But that doesn't work for lining a bowl, so it's good to find out, even if it was accidentally, that I don't need to line it at all 😃

  4. Oh Ill be having a go at that one. I think I'll layer it up with yoghurt in-between too.

  5. I'd probably use easyleave so I could wash and re-use it. :-)


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