Saturday 2 May 2020

Crazy Days Challenge - Day 38 - A Proper Challenge

So ... as you can see I have a pretty well stocked food cupboard.

I have 35 mostly vegan cookbooks on my kitchen shelf ... I'll show you a photo of that tomorrow after this Challenge ... we won't use any of my other books on any other bookshelves for the purpose of this Challenge it will just get too complicated.

What I want you to do is pick a number from 1 to 35, which will give me a book and then pick a page number.  I've just had a look in a few of them and the majority go up to an average of 175 pages, So keeping below that number would probably be good.

As long as the recipe is suitable for me, i.e. one that can be adapted if it contains any of the foods I am actually allergic to and  I have most of the ingredients in my cupboards ...  I will cook it and post about it.

This post will go live at 6am, and if there is more than one comment when I come onto the computer later ... because believe me I do not go live at 6am ... I will get Alan to shout out a number and pick one comment to use for the Challenge that way.

Wish me luck.

But more importantly Challenge Me!!

Sue xx


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