Thursday, 7 November 2019

Challenge Seven - The Leftovers Challenge - Day Seven - Final Day

Breakfast - A simple bowl of Porridge

You really can't beat it can you, it's good for you (lowers cholesterol and all that), fills you up and is warming and tasty.  And it's so cheap if you buy porridge oats and not some fancy pack of  'three tablespoons of oats in a sachet with a dash of flavouring'.

If you want or need the convenience of that why not do it yourself.  Buy some little zip-lock bags that you can use over and over and portion up a weeks worth of breakfasts at a time.  Adding some cinnamon, some sugar or any other dried flavouring that you fancy.   Or leave it simple, just weighed out oats, and then once your basic porridge is made add some tinned or fresh fruit, some syrup or anything else that you love.  If you like your porridge made with milk add a tablespoon of dried milk powder to your little bag … that's what's in the sachets you buy.

If you make too much porridge, or are just not particularly hungry one day, leave it in the dish and pop it into the fridge, the next morning stir in a tablespoon or two of flour.  Stir to a nice consistency and then fry dollops in a hot oiled frying pan and you have lovely little oaty pancakes.  Serve with syrup, fruit or jam and maybe an dollop of yogurt.

As dinnertime came around I was eager for something fresh but light, so I decided on a cheese salad sandwich with cheese and tomatoes brought in from the fridge.

Dinner - Cheese Salad Sandwich with extra Tomatoes.

It was lovely to have a nice fresh tasting sandwich, it's something I don't eat that regularly as I have to be careful how much bread I eat.  But this Chia Seed bread, taken from the freezer at the start of this week seems to be reasonably okay for me … hence me risking three slices!

I decided tea would be Red Lentil Dhal and rice, and that I might as well use up all the remaining lentils so I could have some dhal in the fridge or freezer for later in the week.

It did make a large pan full … I forgot to take a photo of my tea though!!

Tea - Red Lentil Dhal and Brown Rice

Looking through the fridge at what was left from my initial stash of foods I spotted the four apples.  So I defrosted the sheet of ready rolled shortcrust pastry I had in the freezer and chopped the apples. 

 I just kept it simple, draping most of the 3/4 of the pastry into the tin, pouring in the apples slices and pulling the excess pastry over the edges in a sort of thick tart.

Half an hour later I had this lovely chunky Apple Tart.

Supper - Apple Tart

It seemed a shame not to use the little left over piece of pastry while I had the oven on.  So I topped it with some of my Tomato and Pepper pasta sauce, some onion slices and a good sprinkle of grated cheese.

Totally unnecessary but very delicious     Snack - Pastry Pizza

A very delicious day food wise.  Sometimes you just have a day when you eat a lot 😁

Today's  Up to 5 Items:

Vegan Cheese
Two Tomatoes
Garlic Paste
Ready Rolled Pastry Sheet

Back tomorrow with the End of Challenge Round Up.

Sue xx


  1. What a yummy days eating, I suppose I could do the pancake thing with left over overnight oats? Vio life cheese is the only one I have found that I like, especially the cream cheese ,going to make mac and cheese with "well your world's" cheese sauce, that's really nice. I do miss cheese but it does upset my tummy and since going from vegetarian to vegan, I feel a lot better and have lost two stone. Dhal is also a favourite here.

    1. Yes, I should imagine it would work fine with overnight oats too.

  2. This really shows what can be done. No excuse for not eating well when you have little money. I love red lentil dhal, for ages I didn't try making it as (please excuse the mental image) as,to me,it looked like something my cat had thrown up! So cheap,so tasty so nutritious and very, very economical. You have made me think about my food choices a lot and, although it's nice to have a treat now and again, most of the items in the supermarket are just not needed or healthy.

    1. I know exactly what you mean about the look of dhal, especially when it's cold and you dollop it into a bowl to warm it through :-)

  3. Very interesting ways of using items up. I love the oatmeal pancake idea and the pizza pastry one as well.

    You did a great job using things up.

    God bless.

    1. Both work really well. Thanks for following the Challenge :-)

  4. This challenge has been marvellous:) I've loved seeing the variety of meals and very delicious looking meals that you have made and created using easy and nutritious ingredients. I'm keen to try to do a challenge like this in January. You have also made me think about what I'm buying at the supermarket. Our little veggie patch is taking off which is such a thrill. I've so loved all the amazing bloggers who over the years have given hints and tips which over time has saved me so much money. A special thank you Sue and to all the wonderful bloggers♥ Linda xx

    1. It's good for me to do this sort of Challenge every now and then as it gets me more focused on what I'm eating and stops me living on jacket potatoes or pasta ... which happens regularly.

      Lovely words …. THANK YOU for reading.

  5. I ate a lot for me in one day. The pizza thing was just a lovely little thing I didn't really need but sooo tasty … and I couldn't have saved it ;-)

  6. Ive enjoyed this challenge. It must be very satisfying to know that you're using up all the bits and pieces. I love being in nventive with leftovers. I do hope you will continue into a second year of "challenging myself".

    1. I think I will. Time to think of a few more Challenges 😃


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