Tuesday, 5 November 2019

Challenge Seven - The Leftovers Challenge - Day Five

Breakfast - Peanut Butter on Toast

After yesterdays luscious foody shots, todays photos (when there are photos) seem positively boring.  That's not to say the food was.

It was just a simple food day, taking things easy and not over-thinking things too much.

Lunch - Coleslaw and Jacket Potato.

Unfortunately, I forgot to photograph our plates before I shared my food once again with my lovely hubby.  I grated the carrot, finely sliced the onion and after keeping back a couple of lettuce leaves I shredded all the rest of the Iceberg.  Mixing everything with a couple of tablespoons of mayonnaise and some salt and pepper, made a big bowl of nice simple and crunchy coleslaw.

Tea - Potato and Chickpea Curry with Brown Rice

Once again I forgot to photograph our meal before we got stuck in, so this photo is shamelessly stolen from yesterday's post.  It was even more delicious second time around.  I do find stews and curries mellow nicely after a night in the fridge.

Dessert - Mandarin Oranges and Ice-cream

Having a smaller portion of the curry this time, we had room for dessert.  As I don't eat any dairy (I'm dairy intolerant) this is my preferred ice-cream, luckily Alan loves it too, although at home he has a freezer full of Magnums … he thinks I don't know - but I do  😉

Left in the Leftovers:

orange juice

6 onions

2 leaves of iceberg lettuce

4 apples 

600g porridge oats

375g spaghetti

250g red lentils
600g brown rice
tub of gravy mix

Today's  Up to 5 Items:

Peanut Butter

A much easier day of cooking and eating today.  And as you can see the leftovers from last weeks Challenge are going down nicely.

Sue xx


  1. I totally agree with you. Curry is a lot nicer second day. The flavours mellow and mature and it's so good.

    1. It really is isn't it. That's why I always tend to make a big batch of anything like that and save some overnight in the fridge and then freeze in portion size containers.

  2. Your food looks delicious and I didn't even know that you can buy Vegan mayo. Simple food at it's best.

    1. Yes, there are quite a few varieties available now. This Hellman's one is one of the best some taste very bland. They are, unfortunately, more expensive than regular mayo and are rarely on special offer.

  3. I have tried a couple of vegan mayos but haven't liked them, didn't know Hellmanns did one so will try to find it.I find your challenges so interesting, I am going to try a little one of my own by trying to shop for a week without using a supermarket, I used to not mind supermarket shopping but I am slowly becoming a little intolerant of the noise, rudeness of people, queuing to pay and frustration with plastic everywhere, is this something you have ever tried ? Mind you I think my tolerance levels are gradually decreasing anyway must be my age , ha ha !

    1. Yes, I tried to do a year without supermarkets, and had a blog for it whilst I was doing it. I gave myself 4 Jokers to play for real emergencies as we had not lived in the area for long when I started it (we were in Oxfordshire then). I think I lasted about 7 months. It was a real eye opener and I found that although things were usually more expensive from smaller shops (milk for example) we quickly got into the habit of only buying the exact number of things we needed which ended up keeping costs pretty similar to shopping in the big supermarkets.

      I have to be in a good mood to go shopping and I tend to go in armed with a list and just go around picking up the things I want and then choosing the checkout with the smallest queue and escaping as quickly as possible.

      Yes, tolerance levels do seem to decrease with age where some things are concerned … haha!

    2. Oh, and Hellman's Vegan mayo is next to the regular stuff in Tesco.

    3. Thank you for your reply, you did well to do it for so long. No Tesco near to our little cornish town and I have looked at the free from range at Morrisons so must check near normal mayo.

  4. I totally agree about spiced dishes being far tastier the day later. When my mum made curry when I was a child she used to hide it as we would pick out cold potatoes when she stored it overnight. Great meals Sue.

    1. Haha … I love the thought of you 'stealing' the potatoes out of the curry :-)

  5. So many things taste better after the second day.

    Peanut butter on toast is one of my favourite breakfasts as well.

    God bless.


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