Wednesday 6 November 2019

Challenge Seven - The Leftovers Challenge - Day Six

Breakfast - Toast with Flora Spread and Orange Juice

A quiet, simple breakfast now that Alan has gone back to the mess that is our house in Wales.  I spent a bit of time flicking through a couple of my cook books, I have a few here at the Van but the rest are about to packed away as the interior plastering work on the house is now in full swing.

 And after reading this inspirational book and watching a few of Miguel Barclay's YouTube clips I feel another Challenge coming on already  😃

Dinner - 'Mac and Cheese'

I decided to finally eat the leftover portion of Mac and Cheese for my lunch, I was glad it was there as I was pretty hungry after having just a couple of slices of toast for breakfast.  It was surprisingly still in very good condition after being abandoned in the fridge for so long.  Along with it I finished off the last of this mornings glass of orange juice, which had also been put back into the fridge only half drunk.  I diluted it slightly with some water and some ice-cubes.

Tea - Spaghetti and Tomato and Pepper Sauce

I added the last little piece of Feta style cheese that I brought in on Day One for a little bit of creamy taste.  It was delicious.

Left in the Leftovers:

6 onions
2 leaves of iceberg lettuce
4 apples 
600g porridge oats
250g spaghetti

 250g red lentils
600g brown rice
tub of gravy mix

Today's  Up to 5 Items:

None - All the food was from leftovers, both ingredients and ready prepared sauces etc.

Sue xx


  1. Amazing, that's all I can say. Absolutely brilliant.
    I love Miguel Barclay's books and the recipes I have tried have worked really well.

  2. The spaghetti looks scrumptious.

    God bless.


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