Sunday, 24 November 2019

Challenge Eight - The £19.25 One Shop Challenge - Day Five

Breakfast -  Weetabix with Milk and a glass of Orange Juice

I wasn't in a fruity mood so I didn't add any of the peaches, although I do have enough for another serving.  I think I'll stick to Weetabix for the rest of the Challenge as I have enough of the almond milk to do this, even though it's still cold I'm still not fancying porridge.

Dinner - Chickpea Tuna and Lettuce Sandwich 

Because I didn't have any fruit with my breakfast I was hungry earlier than usual, but this sandwich was really filling so that was soon sorted out!

Tea - Jacket Potato with spread, Salad Tomato and Baked Beans with Red Onion

My tea according to the planned out menu was supposed to be Loaded Potato Skins.  That was written out when I thought I would have a block of cheese to grate on top of my meal and I haven't so I decided to keep it similar, but out of ease simply zap a potato in the microwave and keep things simple.

It was really tasty and the single quartered tomato added a real dash of freshness to the meal, and as it weighed the required 80g one more of my five a day.

Five a Day = 5 … just about!!

Sue xx


  1. When I was in grade school I made friends with a girl called Angela Smilie. Her parents had moved to Canada from Yorkshire when Angela was young. I spent many a night at sleepovers with her and Weetabix was a breakfast staple in her home.

    God bless.

    1. What a nice memory, it's funny how some things take us right back to happy times.

      Alan has different less fond memories of Weetabix though!! Once when they were out at sea and unable to get back for much longer than expected, the submarine galley (kitchen) ran seriously short on food and they ended up having Weetabix for two meals of every day until they were back to the UK … and as there was little milk other than for drinks they had their Weetabix spread with jam for one of the meals.

  2. I dearly love jacket potatoes and it's the weather for them right now, isn't it?
    A shame about the cheese.

    1. Yes, definitely the weather for spuds 😃. I'll be back home in Wales in two weeks then I'll have a few months of being able to simply chuck them into the Aga and leaving them to cook for an hour or so, instead of zapping in the microwave.

  3. I love jacket potatoes but hubby doesn't. But recently I've been putting a tiny bit of oil on the outside of his to make it a little crispy and he loves them now.

    1. Oh yes, that sounds delicious, that's what I do with my Aga cooked jacket potatoes. Start them off for 40 mins in foil then unwrap and wipe over with oil and sprinkle with a pinch of sea salt ... so simple yet so delicious ♥️


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