Thursday 28 February 2019

Shopping Hauls - Day Six - Poundland

I loved going into our local Poundland at the start of the Challenge, so while I was in Prestatyn mooching about the charity shops I decided to visit the bigger one there and get myself a day ahead with my shopping hauls.

I spotted some of the same things that I had already seen at the start of the week, but there was so much that we did not have in our smaller branch in Llandudno in this much larger store.  I'll talk you through my purchases. 

I bought this book as I love the Agatha Raisin stories.  I have the first series on Dvd, I do hope there are some more coming out one day.  There are lots of books in the set ... lots,but I've never read them, maybe I should!!  Anyway I thought for a pound it would be a nice read before I watch my series again.  

I also got a pack of these small disc batteries.  We seem to go through a lot of these as we weigh out the dogs food twice a day and quite a few of our little gadgets take them.  Usually they are very expensive so I thought for once I would see how long a cheaper pack lasted when compared to the life of the Duracell ones we usually buy.

Also peeping into this photo are the little scourers that Alan likes to use for the washing up (I prefer a cloth) and a multi-pack of cereals to stash at the caravan, in case we have little visitors.

I bought a pack of these wipes to help speed up the caravan Spring clean next week.

A thick cotton vegetable bag for my potatoes.  

It's a good design this one as it actually has a little zip in the side at the bottom left.  This will be really handy for me as I tend to store my normal white potatoes alongside my sweet potatoes.  So if I put one sort on top of the other I can fish the ones I need out from either the bottom or the top.

I treated myself to three more nail varnishes. You can't go wrong at this price can you! 

I love these colours but at first I was unsure how the blue/grey one would look on, so I did my usual trick of painting just my little finger nail and leaving it on for a couple of days.  I found at first that it seemed strange as it is very matt, but I grew to love it.  So much so, that if they have some more next time I go back I will stock up. 

Up to now I haven't listed any prices as everything I bought was one pound each.  Although Poundland do do some things that are either £2 or £5 so you have to keep your eyes open and not slip up.  But the items below were from the clearance shelves.

For just 25p each I got these.

Two boxes of Vanilla scented candles and two bottle openers.

I don't like the design of the bottle opener at all but ...

... it was just that actual opener part I was after.

These can either be screwed straight into the edge of our breakfast bar at home and the the cupboard at the caravan, or put onto a piece of nicely stained or painted wood and then screwed on.

You will also notice in the top photo that I treated us to some little chocolatey treats too.  A great big box of lovely dark chocolate Poppets which I can eat and a Twin Peaks bar in the fruit and nut variety that Alan loves.  It's the Poundland version of a Toblerone.

So thirteen items for £10.  I'm a happy shopper once again  :-)


  1. You're so full of clever ideas for using things! Loving your purchases.

    1. I get inspiration at the strangest times ;-)

  2. Hey, I want to be your shopping buddy, you are finding all kinds of cool things! I remember those little boxes of cereal, they were a special treat when we were a kid, we thought they were gourmet food, ha. Really looking forward to reading about your caravan, it will be like a mini vacation for me.

  3. Another good haul, useful as well as fun things. We do have a Poundland in our town, but somehow I never think to look in it, we usually head for Wilko instead.

    1. And funnily enough I can never find anything in our Wilko that I like ... I'll have to look harder. I'm definitely a Poundland convert though :-)

  4. You are doing very well on all your hauls this week. I really like the potato bag.

    God bless.

    1. Thank you. Yes, I like the potato bag too, very useful especially as it has the little zip :-)


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