Sunday, 10 February 2019

Yellow Sticker Challenge - Day One

I'm not entirely sure how I'm going to post about this Challenge as obviously what I buy one day might not feature in the meals for that day, and to be entirely truthful I'm in a bit of a slapdash mood with my shopping, cooking and life in general at the moment.

So I think what you will be getting are photos of the entire YS buy from each shop and then perhaps a close up of individual items ... if I have something to say about them.

This yoghurt for example.

£2.75 for a yogurt that's expensive I thought ... but I'll give it a go for £1.35

But gosh, it was delicious.

We had half each for breakfast as obviously it being a day over it's Use By date we did need to use it up.  I had my half of the tub with some Deliciously Ella Nutty Muesli, some mixed seeds and a dollop of peanut butter, and Alan had his with Asda own label Tropical Granola

This was something else I doubt I would pay full price for, and to be honest I was not overly impressed with either the flavours or the quantity for the money.  It was nice to have something that cooked in four minutes though and had minimal washing up.

The bread will be used for toast this week and is very tasty.

Also picked up at the start of the Challenge were these two items from the Co-op.

Red stickers rather than yellow but hey-ho bargains can be colour blind!!

The crumpets made for a lovely and rare for us second course to breakfast, eaten directly after the yoghurt and muesli.  These I would buy again and at full price as they were lovely.

BUT ... I have just found out on that these are on special offer everywhere except the Co-op  for just 50p a pack ... I WOZ ROBBED!!


Spent in Tesco £4.61   Original Price £7.85    Saving me  £3.24

Spent in Co-op £2.01   Original Price £2.79   Saving me 78p


It's my eldest son's birthday today, and he is a chip off the old block as most nights straight after work he calls to his local supermarket and peruses the reduced to clear sections for his ingredients for tea and the following days packed lunch.  Happy Birthday Simon ... I could have got you a YS birthday cake today but it would have cost too much to post it up to Cumbria so sorry ... you'll have to find your own.



  1. Oh, no! Indeed you were robbed. Grrrrrr.

  2. The mango and passionfruit yogurt with muesli sounds delicious. We love crumpets, like you we'd have been a bit miffed to find them cheaper everywhere else! Happy birthday to Simon, hope he buys himself a nice cake :-)

    1. It was delicious yoghurt, and with muesli and peanut butter it was even better ♥️

  3. We don't get yellow sticker type prices at ANY STORES near us in the US...they either discount it very little, or simply throw it out....

    1. Throwing it out is just bad, I've been watching a lot of YouTube clips of dumpster divers in the US, it's amazing the lovely fresh food they come away with.

  4. Yogurts are good for about a week after their date, we've had that yogurt and it is very tasty. Happy birthday to your son, I often get 50p birthday cakes in Asda my grandsons love them we call them a celebration cake and think of something to celebrate xx

    1. I'm always very careful with yoghurts. Dairy free ones are safer after their use by dates than dairy. But an upset tummy after eating an old yoghurt is something that stays fresh in the memory!

  5. The yogurt is good, Y.S/R.S. is also another way to try new products and get more variety into our diets. Some things that we have tried reduced have gone on to become regular buys, others you think, thank goodness I didn't pay full price and then never buy them again. Helen S.

    1. This is something we really are noticing, that it's a brilliant way of trying new things. I seem to have a different mindset picking up YS items to try, whereas at full price I simply wouldn't bother preferring instead to stick to what we know and love.


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