Wednesday, 27 February 2019

Shopping Hauls - Day Five - Home Bargains

Another day, another haul. 

This time I called in to Home Bargains, I usually go there every couple of months to buy the large multi-packs of the 'Nicky' toilet rolls that we prefer, but I don't always have time for a good peruse of all the shelves.  This time I intended to have a good look along every aisle, taking my time and seeing just what was available for my £10 budget.

Our nearest branch is in Llandudno.

It was quiet and pretty peaceful in there at 10am in the morning ... just the way I like it when I'm trying to shop.

First in my basket were these two 'Flexi Trays'.  I need a couple of fridge friendly boxes to put all the little bits of things in on the top shelf, it will save me scrabbling about pulling things out individually.  If they fit these will be great and at just 99p each they were much sturdier and roomier than the plastic proper 'fridge trays' that were on the shelves near them priced at £2.99 each.

If by any chance they don't fit on the fridge shelves, they will do a similar job in the cupboard to the left of the cooker at the caravan.

Next I picked up rail that fits neatly over the cupboard doors of kitchen base units, this was £1.49.  I desperately need something like this at the caravan as at the moment we have the tea and hand towels hooked over the handle of the oven door and as it's a drop down door we are always having to move them when the oven is in use.

I tried these out on the cupboards at home and they fit lovely and snugly ... fingers crossed it's the same at the van.  I hadn't realised that you could get rails like these for over cupboard doors, I thought they were just available for over normal house doors, what a brilliant idea.

On the end section of one of the aisles I spied these dishes.  Part of the Jane Asher range that Home Bargains seem to be channelling at the moment they are the perfect size for a slightly smaller bowl of pasta ... or of course a slightly larger bowl of homemade soup.  Although I usually just buy plain white crockery, these are just pale enough to fit in nicely with everything else we have.   So at just £1.79 each they went straight into my trolley.

Call me mad ... but I just could not resist these little Christmas outfits for the dogs.  

They were 49p each on the clearance shelf and have been popped straight into the Christmas decorations box.  In December they will look adorable trotting along the promenade in Llandudno next year dressed as elves  :-)

Still on the doggy aisle I spied these dog treats at just £1.49 for a big 700g bag.  At that price I thought they were worth a try.  Suky can't eat any of the hide type bones, they make her heave and upset her tummy, but these are the squidgy, bendy sort that she usually gets on okay fine with.  

By then I was up to the stationery aisle and as I walked past the shelves I thought nope, I really can't justify buying any more notebooks, be strong, keep walking.  Then I spotted this pencil case.  it was the colours that I spied first, maybe my purchase of the turquoise flexi-trays had set something going (I bought that colour in the trays as it was the best of a rather strange selection).  Anyway I picked it up immediately.  I love the little Llamas so much better than the current fashion for unicorns, and then I spotted this ...

... it had a pom pom on the zip closure!!

I love pom poms,  always have, always will.

It cinched the deal, and even though I thought it took me 1p over my budget I put it straight into my basket.  It will be most likely used as a make-up bag rather than a pencil case though  :-)

When I paid the total came to £9.52.  As you might be able to make out the cashier had to scan the 49p Llama Pencil Case again as the bar-codes on the Christmas dog outfits were covered in sellotape and wouldn't scan ... but it was only when I put this photo upon the computer screen that I noticed she had only scanned it once more instead of the twice she should have done.  If I had noticed at the time I would have said something but my maths this week is not playing ball and I just thought I had once again gone wrong somewhere.

So I had 48p left over from my Home Bargains Haul.  I will add it to the final days money as I have something special in mind.


  1. I love the little doggy elf outfits! Unfortunately, our Betty wouldn't wear one - we have enough trouble trying to get her rain mac on when it's chucking it down, she absolutely hates wearing anything. In any case, husband would refuse to be seen with her if I did manage to put an outfit on her...he's funny that way ;-)

    1. Suky hates being dressed up, although she did like her socks at Christmas. Mavis doesn't mind, but she does have great fun getting herself undressed 😆

  2. THose trays are extremely convenient and I hope they fit well.

    1. If they don't sit in the fridge they will be perfect for the hard to reach side part of the double corner unit.

  3. I thought I'd died and gone to Heaven when I went into the Home Bargains in Stratford on Avon, not my usual one, 20 odd miles away but I was on my way from Oxford, and found that they have ....... drumroll please ............ A FROZEN FOOD SECTION!!!! Who knew? If only my freezers weren't already crammed full, I could have had some great bargains. Savannah.

    1. I buy all my Linda McCartney frozen sausages, pies and sausage rolls from B&M. It seems all the bargain/budget shops are moving into freezer foods. Next we'll have clothes in Iceland!!

  4. What a cute little Llama case! I think sometimes we buy for the kid in us, but that's fine and adds to the fun. I really like the Flex Trays, I need something like that for my freezer.

    1. They should come in really useful and for 99p you can't go wrong can you 🙂

  5. The dogs will make the perfect Christmas elves.

    God bless.


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