Monday 25 February 2019

Shopping Hauls - Day Three - The Works

I don't often shop in this shop, but ours is closing down for a refit ... or so the posters in the window say.  You never can be sure these days, sometimes it's just a ploy for a bit of a sale to pull in more shoppers, especially in a seaside touristy town.

A Google Images photo of the Llandudno branch where I shopped.

Anyway it was nice and quiet in there so I had a little mooch around first to see what I fancied buying, if indeed there was anything that I fancied buying.  There was, so this is what I bought -

A notebook.

I love stationery ... have I mentioned this before  ;-)
I love the wording on this one.

This one made me laugh too, I just had to pick it up.

Next I picked up another notebook that was furry and had a Pug face ... then I saw reason, I mean how old am I ... definitely NOT six!!

So instead I put down the four pounds worth of furry notebook and picked up this weekly planner, now this will come in useful and I can colour in the top section when I'm in a doodling mood. 

Maybe I am six!!

On the sale table .. Everything Reduced to Clear in big big letters to pull in the customers, amongst a lot of tat I spied this set of sticky notes.

Now these would be useful I thought. So in a flash they were added to my basket.

And then once again I had exactly one pound left.

Also on the sale table was a big box of postcards, I must have had John Gray's recent postcard competition on my mind because when I saw these at just 10p each I thought BARGAIN and picked out ten to buy with my last remaining pound.

Oh and I nearly forgot to mention the big red blob in the top photograph.  It's this squishy strawberry.

It's actually a stress busting, squeezy strawberry that really smells of strawberry.  I picked it up as a bit of a joke, because just as I was leaving home Alan had been on the phone for what seemed like a very heated conference call and had been getting noticeably annoyed by someone.  Aha I thought, this might help ... and it wouldn't do any damage if he lobbed it at the wall in frustration either.  So it's lived on the desk since I got back ... ready for action  :-)


  1. Wow, another fabulous haul. I am envious of the notebooks and love the Mandela quote. My current one says on the cover 'I am only pretending to be organised notebook' whih makes me smile each time I look at it!

    1. Notebooks are lovely ... and notebooks that make you smile each and every time you use them are even lovelier :-)

  2. What fun!! lots of treasures this time, they make me smile.

  3. Replies
    1. Nope .... our The Works has a particularly poor selection of books. Mostly fiction to appeal to the holiday makers wanting a quick easy read, a few choices of 'mystical' type books and some cookbooks ...but I have enough of them and I am being strong. This year I am getting rid of lots of books, my new Smaller Life just doesn't have the space.

  4. Ohhh, I love those notebooks.

    God bless.

    1. There was a brilliant choice ... it was a good job I had my £10 limit ;-)

  5. I have had to stop going into shops selling stationery! I have visions of whoever clears my stuff out having a garage sale consisting entirely of stationery!
    Like you I just love notebooks and I can see those postcards made into birthday cards.
    You are having fun.
    How did Alan react to his strawberry distresser? Did he throw it?

    1. Oooh .... a stationery garage sale,I'd be there in a heartbeat :-)

      He had a good squeeze and a good sniff (it smells of strawberries ... gorgeously) and then it joined his squeezy, tongue pops out, frog. Yes, we have a really grown up office space, you'd never believe it was such a serious company :-)

  6. I love The Works, I too found lots of bargains after Christmas. The manager came to the door as we passed and shouted everything down to 25%.


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