Tuesday 20 April 2021

The £3 a Day Challenge - End of Challenge Round Up


One Challenge, one week and boy did that go fast!!

Just look at what I have over ... so much food, there's at least another two days worth of good eating there.  I knew £21 would be a luxury budget for one person, it was just the Challenge of knowing what to buy with each £1 coin as it became available for each meal that kept me on my toes.

Not in the photo because I ate them for my breakfast were the last two crumpets.  This time eaten with lashings of spread instead of the 27p marmalade.

Also not in the photo ... because I forgot about it ... was the orange juice!!  Look, it was sat on my desk looking reproachfully at me as I downloaded the other photos ... don't forget me it shouted as I slurped.

So what's left over:

1/3 of a tub of Coleslaw
2 Sausage Rolls
2/3 pack of Tortilla Chips
1100g SR Flour
most of a jar of Marmalade
2 Garlic cloves
400g of Spaghetti

370g Oats
a tin of Peach Slices
1/2 a Cucumber
1/2 a Lettuce
1/3 bag of French Fries
1/2 bag of Spinach
2 Lemon slices
enough vegetable filling for another pasty
a small portion of Pasta Sauce

.. and a wad of receipts and a 5p coin.

Quite a lot to show for a week of Challenging Myself.

Every Challenge I do teaches me something, so what did this teach me?

That £1 per meal is doable and can be very tasty.  

That I am quick to react to what my body tells me I need.  I switched buying a few things around at the last minute and enjoyed what I made with what I had purchased all the more for it.
That the self- weigh and self-checkout facilities in Sainsbury's definitely give it the edge when you are doing a Challenge of this nature.  It takes all the embarrassment out of buying one carrot, one potato, one onion and one banana  😳

That my little fridge and freezer cannot cope with me doing Challenges whilst we are both living here in my little flat.  Oh, I am looking forward to my Smeg even more now!!

That just because some own brands are cheap does not make them worse taste-wise in any way.  The Tortilla Chips at just 45p a bag (although the shelf edge label said they were 55p they scanned at 45p 😀) were just as tasty, if not better, than the branded ones I have had before.

That my 35p Pitta Breads were a brilliant buy and stayed fresh all week.

Thank you for all of you that stuck with me for the whole week, thank you for the comments and the encouragement, it made it all seem all the more worthwhile and kept me on the straight and narrow.

Now all I have to do is to use up my leftovers over the next couple of days, nothing will be wasted.

Thank you.

Sue xx


  1. Well done. Did you by chance weigh yourself before and after to see if you might have lost or gained a pound during the week?

    1. I'm exactly the same weight as I was before, during and after the Challenge ... and still the same six pounds heavier than before Lockdown. Perhaps I need to do the Lose a Stone in 7 Days Challenge again!!

  2. As always I enjoyed reading about your challenge. I knew that you would find it easy though. You have done challenges that are much tougher. It is interesting how much you can buy and make for so little.

    1. It was a good Challenge to get me out of my comfort zone a bit and it fitted in quite well with how I'm living at the moment.

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you, and thanks for following along.

  4. There is an amazing amount of food left, isn't there, which makes me think that you could probably have fed both of you on that amount of money as long as Alan was happy to forgo his meat. After all you even donated a day's allowance to the food bank too. Well done Sue!

    1. There is a surprising amount of food over, hence me feeding Alan on the final day. We do eat completely differently and he has much larger portions so I couldn't have afforded the sheer amount of salad or the meats that Alan goes through on this Challenge.

  5. No, thank YOU Sue, I always enjoy following your Challenges and you give me ideas too. Although I don't always act on them, but it's good thinking about them! ;-)

    1. It's good to start to think about some things we do regularly a bit differently isn't it. It keeps things fresh and more interesting.

  6. Well done Sue. I always try a cheaper brand and make my mind up whether it will be a regular purchase.

    1. Yes, I'm just the same, I like to try anything I find and see if it comparable or sometimes even better than stuff I have regularly maybe bought just out of habit in the past. Sometimes you can be pleasantly surprised.

  7. I've really enjoyed this challenge Sue, you have been so innovative with the meals you have produced:) I admire how you excel at the challenges you do. Like Sooze, thank you for the meals ideas you have given me as well xx

    1. Thank you so much. It's been a good week for taking me out of my comfort zone a bit, thanks for following along.

  8. That really did go quickly and it's been so interesting. It's amazing how much is left - it feels like more than you started with (I know it's not) and you have eaten very well.
    I agree with what you say about cheaper brands - they can be just as good.

    1. It went far too quickly didn't it, even with going out three times a day it seemed to be over in a flash. I think the 'cheap' star of the week had to be those Pitta breads, they are something I will definintely be buying regularly from now on.


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