Monday, 19 April 2021

The £3 a Day Challenge - Day Seven

The first two meals on this my final day of this Challenge both came in two parts.  

My first breakfast was a couple more of yesterdays crumpets spread with the tangy orange marmalade and a glass of orange juice,  and then because the shops don't open until 10am on a Sunday I couldn't go shopping until after the doggy walk.

It was a glorious morning so we took the longer way round the river first down one side and then up the other, which rather handily brings me out just near Sainsbury's, which by that time had just about opened.  So I was one of the first customers, and I bet the only one armed with only £1.57 😄

Breakfast Shopping

Spinach - 1.00

Gala Apple - 30p

Total £1.30

2nd Breakfast

A nice green smoothie for us both, using the apple, my last banana and a good handful of the spinach.

It's nice to share 💖

Lunchtime Shopping

Sausage Rolls - £1.19

First Lunch

While the sausage rolls were cooking I had two mugs of the 'free soup' that I made yesterday with the trimmings and peeling, gosh that was tasty

Second Lunch

Two of the sausage rolls, these really are the best vegan sausage rolls on the market in my humble opinion and are at their best eaten when they have cooled down for about 10 minutes after coming out of the oven.  I was really full after two mugs of soup and two sausage rolls!!

Teatime Shopping  ... and the final shopping trip of the Challenge.

Baking Potato - 39p

Bitter Lemon Drink - 60p

Total = 99p

I couldn't afford any alcohol to celebrate the end of the Challenge, although believe me the thought of saving up for some had crossed my mind 😊 ... but I could afford 60p for a bottle of diet Bitter Lemon which is one of the few fizzy drinks I like.

Vegetable pasties, the filling made with the potato, the carrot from yesterday and half an onion from day five, all simmered together in stock and then slightly mashed up with lots of salt and pepper.


Pasty and Chips ... for two, it's still nice to share 😀

We were going to share the tin of peaches for pudding but we were both far too full.

Cash Carried Forward


I have the feeling that's not quite right!!   I'm sure I should have 9p but it's the only money left in my coat pocket!!

Food Carried Forward

 - lots, I'll be back tomorrow with a photo.

And that's it final day over and done with, it's been a good week and it has absolutely flown by.  I'll be back tomorrow with a bit of a round up.  Thanks for following along everyone, there have been a lot of views every day, even if most of you have been too shy to comment.

Sue xx


  1. Well done !Is there anything you really missed (apart from the alcohol :) )

    1. Good question, now that got me thinking!!

      No, I don't think there was anything I missed ... even the alcohol actually, as I haven't been drinking much lately. I seem to have been able to buy just the things I fancied for each meal. I did plan ahead and sort of know what I would be buying for each meals the next day so that I could make good use of leftovers, but a couple of times I changed what I bought right at the last minute to get something I really fancied having instead. So I think this helped me a lot.

  2. I love reading your challenges. Thank you so much for sharing them x

    1. It was a pleasure, thank you for reading. xx

  3. I have absolutely loved reading this and will miss coming in to see your thrice daily shopping trips! It's made me look at the food in my kitchen cupboards and realise just how many meals I have and that I can eat different meals to Steve and it won't cost a fortune. Thank you, looking forward to your follow up tomorrow.

    1. I hope you are feeling okay as your moving date creeps ever so nearer. Remember,the more you eat out of the cupboards the less you will have to pack and move with ;-) Thanks for following along this week.

    2. Hi again Sue. Our house purchase fell through as there were mega problems on survey. So we remain in the rental (and on Rightmove 😆)

  4. This has been so interesting to follow. For me I would miss chocolate and ice cream, but I'm sure if you wanted it you would have found a way to incorporate it. Well done. The week has really flown.

    1. I have missed chocolate a bit but not ice-cream funnily enough. If I had missed ice-cream Aldi actually do some brilliant vegan ones for less than a pound :-)

  5. i really enjoyed this challenge, thankyou for doing it and sharing it with us x i hope you had a good birthday x

  6. Ooh, a birthday? I missed that, hope you had a lovely one. I have really enjoyed following your challenge, Sue, thanks so much for sharing it. I have a feeling that you have lots of food items left over too. I really think I would have been tempted with something sweet at the end ☺

  7. I've viewed but not commented until now. I am in Australia and recently retired and in reduced circumstances, so will have to really be careful about money. Our prices here are a lot higher than in the UK, but you have really made me think about how to shop and eat now. I might test myself with a week's challenge too.

  8. This has been really interesting and fun to read, thank you!

  9. Thanks for taking us along, much food for thought here. and happy birthday too.

  10. Go you! Another successful challenge and you didn’t go starving by any means. BTW. happy Birthday 🥳

  11. Brilliant - a triumphant and resounding success, thanks for sharing it all. It's been enjoyable and interesting to follow each day. Thanks.


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