Sunday, 11 April 2021

At Last ... A New Challenge on the Way

I mentioned over on my other blog A Smaller Life that I was missing my Challenges, then I came up with an idea, threw it open to see if there was any interest, and boy oh boy yes there was.  So today I am having a wander around the local supermarkets, sussing out the viability of it here in this small town and will most likely be kicking off the Challenge tomorrow.

What is the Challenge I hear those of you asking that do not read my other blog.  Well after watching Toba Courage's latest 'Broke in Lockdown' Challenge from day one through to day seven I have decided to shamelessly steal part of his idea ... and you know me, it's the food part.

Below is the actual link for those of you that read my blog posts on your phones as I have found the photo with it's built-in link doesn't seem to show on Android phones.

Broke in Lockdown - 

So the basic premise is that for the next seven days I will go out armed with one pound to buy food for my breakfast, then take out another pound for my lunch and then finally yet another for my tea ... or dinner if you're posh  😉  That's £3 for each days food.

As mentioned on the Smaller Life post (see HERE if you want to read it for yourself) this actually gives me £21 for a weeks food, much higher than some of my previous Challenges which have seen me with a total budget for a week of just £7.  So it should be very achievable, the difficulty with this is that I only have one pound up front each time ... and maybe a few extra pence if the previous meal has come in under budget.

It should be an interesting one this time and of course it fits in well with me not having the space to store much in my tiny fridge or being able to make meals ahead and freeze portions.

I'll be back in the morning with a post about the basic rules of the Challenge there's not many really but it will be nice to get them down and it will give me the chance to get a day ahead with the food ready for posting about it.

Sue xx


  1. £21 in total sounds doa le. But when broken down like you are going to fo it certainly makes it more challenging. Good luck Sue.

    1. I'm looking forward to doing this, it should highlight the difference between being able to spend £21 all at once and having to go out with just £1 at a time. Perhaps I should do it the other way once I've moved and have fridge space again 😀

  2. Your food sometimes seems cheaper than here in the US, so I look forward to seeing what you end up with every day. Best of luck.

    1. I guess it's swings and roundabouts, our petrol (gas) prices are over £1.20 a litre ... it's a good job I mostly walk everywhere now 😀


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