Saturday 17 April 2021

The £3 a Day Challenge - Day Five

Today for a change I went to Aldi to pick up my breakfast, and as I needed a banana I remembered my own blog post of the other day and found the biggest one I could.  It would have been interesting to take it to Sainsbury's to see how much it weighed there and thus how much it would have cost me.  I'm guessing at least the 13p I paid for it if not a penny or two more more.  I also bought a mixed pack of fruit, it would most likely have been cheaper to buy a single apple, but I really fancied a bit of a selection for a change.

Breakfast Shopping

Banana - 13p
Classic Fruit Salad Mix - 85p

Total = 98p

Leaving me with 4p change from my £1.02


With most of the banana, a couple of spoonfuls of flour and some water I made a nice thick batter and made myself two pancakes.  I chopped half of the apples and the pineapple pieces out of the fruit salad up and simmered them in a little touch of water.  Once they were soft I whizzed them in my Nutribullet to make a sort of thick hot puree to have instead of syrup, it work really well and was delicious.  

Gosh that was a filling breakfast!!

Lunchtime Shopping

I can't find my receipt, but I do know the orange juice was 55p and the cucumber 43p.  I got these from Aldi as the  cheapest orange juice  in Sainsbury's was almost a pound, so by walking for ten minutes I got a 'free' cucumber  ... yes my brain does work in mysterious ways 😃😄


A nice picky, dippy plate with hummus, celery, cucumber slices and a toasted pitta bread.  Very tasty and all washed down with a half glass of my new orange juice, which is remarkably good for the price.

Teatime Shopping

Bag of French Fries - 59p
1 tomato - 16p
1 onion - 16p
1 carrot - 4p
 1 banana - 8p

Total = £1.03

Isn't it a joy when you are doing a Challenge like this one and you can shop in a supermarket with a weigh your own produce and print your own labels machine.  It takes away all the guesswork and means you can shop right up to your limit without worrying that you won't have enough money when you get to the checkout.  I sure appreciated this facility for this shop!!


Pizza and Chips

I made a nice rich tomato sauce with my half tin of leftover tomatoes, half of my new onion, the grated carrot, a bit of salt, a little curry powder, some of the fresh tomato and lots of pepper.  I was going to use it for my planned Pitta Pizza, but right at the last minute I changed my mind and used most of the leftover hummus instead, topped with the rest of the fresh tomato and a slice of onion.

It made for a simple but delicious tea, which was really good to sit down to at the end of a long day ... and now I have some pasta sauce maturing nicely in the fridge ready for tomorrow 😀

Cash Carried Forward

Food Carried Forward
2 cloves of garlic
3 lemon slices
a spoonful of hummus
1 pitta bread
1 banana
1/2 an onion
3/4 of a cucumber
3/4 carton of orange juice

Sue xx


  1. You really do seem to be enjoying this challenge ,isn't it so satisfying creating delicious food out of so few items. This way of shopping reminds me of when my Mum used to shop every day, visiting the green grocer, butcher and baker, it was also more social, seeing somebody familiar every day who would ask how you were and would talk to you whilst serving you, and bumping into neighbours whilst shopping, we have lost all of this with supermarkets.I will pinch your idea of pizza pittas as I have some left, lunch sorted. Best wishes to Colin.x

    1. Oh gosh yes, I remember this style of shopping so well, I remember going with my Mum to the row of shops a the end of our street and calling first to the bread shop, then the greengrocers ... which also sold fish and we would pick up some fish heads for the cat ... and then onto the butcher, where if I was good I got a chicken foot to play with ... YUK!! If groceries were needed we would go into the Co-op next door to the butcher, it was just a small branch, but seemed so big after visiting all the little shops, and after going up and down the two or three aisles we would end up at the main counter where we would hand over the basket for the contents to be totted up on the large old brown till. When Co-op stamps came out we would go home and I would have the job of sticking them all into the book.

      Alan's at the new place now, when he gets back I'll ask him if Colin has survived the night.

  2. Golly, you are so inventive! Isn't it amazing what can be done with a few ingredients and a few chips always hit the spot for me 😁 x

    1. When I spotted the 'French Fries' chips for just 59p on one of my shopping trips, I just KNEW that they would have to feature at some point :-)

  3. I'm so enjoying reading about this challenge - it's going brilliantly!

    1. I'm pretty pleased with this one, and my food up to now has been so tasty. I guess having £3 a day is a bit of a splurge :-)

  4. Not only did you get a "free" cucumber, you also got some extra steps in walking for 10 minutes. Winning!

    1. I know, this week has meant my average has at last got close to the recommended 10,000 :-)

  5. You are doing so well...I'm amazed at what a pound will buy...

    1. It really is amazing isn't it, and because of this I am spotting a lot of bargains that I haven't spotted before.

  6. Is going to the shop three times a day some part of the plan? Wouldn't it be less time consuming and easier to take £3 and get all the meals for the day?

    1. The whole purpose of the Challenge is that you go out three times a day armed with just one pound and buy what you can for the next meal. Unused money or food can be carried forwards, but you cannot buy all your food in one go with £3, that would alter the Challenge completely.


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