Friday 21 June 2019

Ration Challenge - Day Six

Day Six sees me sat here fuzzy headed, eating rice and dhal for breakfast and drinking hot water.  Who knew hot water was nice ... not me for sure!

This basket of food, five ready-made flatbreads ...

... and this shelf of food in the fridge are my supplies for the final two days of the Challenge.  

Although as I took the photos last night there is already missing from my 'storecupboard'  two portions of rice, the one that I'm eating now and one for my tea tonight ... and the green lidded tub of dhal.

Breakfast yesterday was rice and dhal, lunch was a portion of my lentil soup and two flatbreads.

I was so happy with how my flatbreads turned out that straight after lunch I set to making some more.  Using up all of my flour.  It was only when I finished cooking them that I remembered I was going to make some pastry to have a Dhal Pasty ... oh well at least the flatbreads are delicious. 

For a late tea I cooked up my last three falafels.

I had them with two of the smaller flatbreads and most of my hummus.  I was going to eat it all but I was full, yes you read that right ...FULL.  Lots of chickpeas equals lots of protein and it really worked to fill me up.

If you been counting flatbreads, yes you're right there seems to be one unaccounted for!!  As I was bagging them up last night my hand brought one up into my mouth and I ate it ... my brain was barely involved 🤣🤔🙃

I have now done five days of eating rations,  tomorrow will be my last day eating like a Syrian refugee in the refugee camps in Jordan ... a total of seven days.   We've all been doing this to try to bring attention to and raise money to help them, but for refugees it has gone on and it goes on for MUCH much longer.

Thank you to everyone who has sponsored me, including Sheila who sponsored me yesterday.  It means so much that you care as much as I do.  I will be listing all my sponsors on the final day, thank you to you all ❤

My Ration Challenge page.

Sue xx


  1. It suddenly occurred to me that your canine friends won't be too keen on your meals at present.
    I don't suppose they'll be attracted by the cooking smells either.
    Have you managed to carry on with your everyday tasks this week or are you suffering from lack of energy?
    Very, very well done.

    1. I've only had Suky with me for most of this week, but Mavis and Alan arrived a couple of hours ago. It seems both dogs like Kidney Bean Dip 🤣🤣

      I've been gardening and wallpapering but not much else apart from lots of walks and fresh air. I've definitely got what us Ration Challengers have christened 'rice brain', I have to push myself to concentrate on what I'm doing.

  2. Many thanks to Alison for tonight's donation. Absolutely brilliant 😀

  3. I can see how this challenge would be hard on a person's concentration. It would be barely enough to keep a body functioning.

    God bless.

  4. Very good luck for your last day on the challenge.
    You have done amazingly well.
    Have you lost any weight
    When you finish your challenge we'll be thinking of you and willing you to sleep well before your breakfast!,
    Again, very, very well done!

    1. Thank you Sue, you have been an amazing support ... both monetary and with your comments on here. ❤


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