Thursday, 13 June 2019

Opening My Ration Challenge Pack

It all suddenly got real when I got home from the Van on Tuesday night.  Waiting for me was this little parcel.

It contained my Refugee Food Rations for next week.

With a resource pack full of handy ideas, posters and recipes.

And the instruction to share ... which I did and am doing here  😃

Inside was my food for next week.

A few people have asked me how this is working out with my current 'Down to Basics Challenge'  well it is being incorporated into the middle of it.  I have still not done a full weeks shop, we have bought one or two things, the odd lettuce here and there, a loaf or two of bread and in Alan's case some milk,but we are still living from the cupboards, fridge and freezer ... although the fridge is a pretty desolate place these days.

As promised here is 'live action' of me opening my Ration Challenge parcel.  Sorry for the clicking at the start of the film, it's something my phone seems to do almost every time I record live stuff.

I will be back tomorrow with some more information about the foods I will be eating next week.

Sue xx


  1. Really interesting, thanks.
    You can make lentil tortillas with just lentils, water and a bit of salt and pepper. It might be worth giving them a go if you fancy. I think they're rather nice.

  2. Many, many thanks to Lesley for the donation. It's very appreciated :-)

  3. THANK YOU to Faith for your donation. It means such a lot that my blogging buddies are getting behind me on this Challenge. You're a lovely lot :-)

  4. Thank you Ellen for your donation. 😀 It's wonderful to see the total of sponsorship rising so brilliantly. A massive thanks to everyone who has visited my page, and especially to those of you who have left a donation as well. ♥️

  5. Not really a great deal in the box. I wonder how people manage to live on so little, but then I say why do we need so very much.

    God bless.

    1. It will be interesting to see how I manage to live for the week for sure. There are a few things to add to the food in the box. I'll weigh them out and do another post later.


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