Thursday 20 June 2019

Ration Challenge - Day Five

So, today is day five of the Ration Challenge for me, raising money and awareness for Syrian refugees by eating an almost identical diet to refugees for seven days and getting lots of my wonderful, caring friends and family to donate their hard earned cash.

 Today also happens to be World Refugee Day.

The top photo is my breakfast this morning, rice cooked last night with a good dollop of Dhal stirred through, washed down with iced tap water.  The rest of the photos are yesterdays food.   I had a photo of yesterday's breakfast but I've lost it somewhere ... this diet is befuddling my brain and my concentration has took a tumble.  Blogging about what I'm doing is taking twice as long as my usual posts do and on more than one occasion I've lost paragraphs of text, deleted photos by accident and had to start all over again.

Yesterday's lunch was a treat, a real hard earned treat.  For getting to £600 worth of donations I earned the right to treat myself to a 330ml drink ... so I saved it to have with Mum on this week's visit to the Wyevale garden centre.  A lovely large Americano  ... ooh the caffeine hit was wonderful 😃

To have with it I packed up a little box of my hummus and ... as I was running late and didn't have time to make the flatbreads I had intended to take with me ... I swapped 20g of my flour ration for four of the plainest little crackers I could find in Alan's cracker tin.

Instead of having a cooked meal Mum joined in with the idea of the Challenge and had a coffee and a scone ... she's lovely ❤

When I got home I cooked up my Kidney Beans.  Simply sauteed with the last of my onion and some of the liquid from the tin they cooked to a lovely soft consistency in the time it took me to make some more rice.

I had half of the mix stirred into rice for my tea ...

... and the other half was whizzed up with a stick blender to make some Kidney Bean Dip for another meal.

I don't usually like kidney beans, but this week the different flavours and textures they have brought have been very welcome.  I think I will work on incorporating them into my normal diet in the future.

Now it's way past my usual lunchtime and I really feel as though I am running on empty so I'll sign off and be back tomorrow with more.

Here is the link to my Ration Challenge Page ... just look at the fantastic total you have helped me raise up to now!!

Sue xx


  1. Massive THANKS to Sheila for donating on my page today. It gives me such a boost to see the total go up ... and today I really needed that. Thank you ♥️

  2. I think you are a bit low on protein and that is why you are feeling a bit befuddled - that and the lack of any fruit & veg. It is really bringing it home as to how much we take for granted and how much our health relies on proper food intake.

    I hope you have something lovely in mind as a treat when this is over. Good luck for the next few days.

    1. Definitely, we have nicknamed it 'Rice Brain' over on the Facebook group 🤣

  3. I'm following Mike Jeavons on Youtube as he does a week on rations too. He's nowhere near as inventive as you are being but it's really interesting to watch both him and you work through such limited resources. An eye-opener!

    1. Yes, it was Mike that got me into this ... I think I need to send him and Grace some recipe ideas. I nearly cried when he used ALL his lentils to make that pot of tasteless soup! His fund raising is magnificent though, he's over £2,000 now.

    2. I thought he was going to cry when the lentils got spilt - it's amazing how every crumb counts in situations like that.
      I think they'd have appreciated your culinary skills too. Sometimes he makes me laugh almost to crying but I like that there's been a much more serious undertone this week and, yes, his fundraising has gone so very well. It all helps.


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