Monday, 17 June 2019

Ration Challenge - Day Two

This is my breakfast ... rice and a second cup of hot water.  I must admit to liking hot water,  I never thought I would, but if I had the choice between it and a cup of coffee ... I think the coffee would still win.

This is going to be my new best friend this week.  It managed to make my breakfast while I had a shower and got dressed. With no shouts of "do you want one slice of toast or two" from Alan interrupting my precious me time.  Would I swap my rice cooker for Alan, well maybe just for this week 🤣😄😀

While I ate breakfast, my teatime portion of rice cooled down ready to be put into the fridge.  It all seems to be rice at the moment!!

Yesterday's lunch wasn't though. 

 I had a bowl of my Lentil and Cumin soup and three little freshly made flatbreads.  John Gray says it looks like 'mud water', unfortunately I have to agree, although the flavour isn't too bad.

I was supposed to be making some Dhal to go with my teatime rice but I ran out of energy and just ate it as it was before packing up my rations and heading off to the Van.

Once there I was supposed to be putting some chickpeas to soak ready to turn into hummus and falafel for today ... but I didn't do that either!!  So today I am making Dhal and tonight I'll be putting chickpeas to soak and I have a post-it to remind me 🙂

Sue xx


  1. Your flat breads look lovely, I do hope the soup tasted good, visually it does kind of look like "mud water" as John Gray would say.

    God bless.

  2. A massive THANK YOU to Nancy for your brilliant donation. It's very appreciated, thank you for supporting me on this Challenge ♥️ xx

  3. It sounds like you have a good plan. I hope your lentils were enjoyable. They always taste better than they look when cooked from scratch.

  4. A HUGE thank you to my latest Anonymous donor. You are a star 🌟. Thank you ♥️

  5. Wow - you have made some very basic stuff look quite appetising (maybe apart from the soup!)


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