Wednesday, 12 June 2019

Challenge Within a Challenge

So I took my 'homemade ration pack' to the van with every intention of having a  few practice runs at things I haven't made before.   As you all no doubt know life, worry and sadness got in the way.

I did however, manage to make up a days ration of rice so I could see how much it was, and also used two thirds of my red lentils to make up a good sized portion of dhal.  This I split into four, to see if it really would be enough, it will be ... just!!

It's enough to add a dash of flavour to around a third of the daily portion of rice.  So I will be doing this next week for sure.  I never got round to making up any flatbreads, maybe I could do this today, we'll see.

I did manage to sit and have a bit of a planning session to see how I would divide up my rations between the 21 meals I will be having.  I think I have it sussed, but I guess I will find out for sure next week.

Here is my menu for the week.

On it I have:

 4 soup meals
4 dhal meals
2 hummus meals
1 chickpea curry meal
1 falafel meal
1 kidney bean dip meal
1 kidney bean burger meal

This is going to work out at 14 rice based meals and 7 flatbread meals.  So I guess I better had practice making these flatbreads then!!

I've also noted the start date in my diary and on every calendar that I've come across.

Here's my page link again for anyone that would like to sponsor me. If you visit you will see that thanks to all my lovely sponsors I have now qualified for a few little extras to make the week a bit more bearable, and I have also updated My Challenge Story a couple more times too.

 Also I am just in the process of uploading a live video of me unpacking my Ration Challenge pack ... yes it arrived on Monday, if it works I will put it up on here tomorrow.  It all seems real now ... wish me luck!

Sue xx


  1. You are brave, Sue, it's certainly a very limited diet and highlights just how privileged and fortunate we are here. But if anyone can do this, you can.

  2. I think the hardest part and the real challenge will be the monotony. After a while, one's body revolts against yet more of the same, especially when it is basically bland or untextured. I admire you greatly for doing this and I'm so privileged to have been able to sponsor you, thank you.

  3. A good friend is doing this in my community, too. I'm glad to follow you both. Best of luck!


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