Monday, 27 July 2020

Doing the Ration Challenge 2020

So I asked the question on my last post, you know the one, about whether I should once again take part in the Ration Challenge,  and if you would be interested in following me if I did, and quite a few of you were and were extremely supportive in your answers.  Then I had a think about it myself ... oh I remember the brain fog that hit half way through the week so well ... did I really want to do it again?

Well folks that answer came in a flash - YES.

It's a good cause, it's a brilliant Challenge and I need something to remind me that eating very simply is good, very good.  Alright ... eating with a little bit more variety is better but I am going to use the Challenge to simplify my eating habits again.

Lockdown has seen a plethora of vegan junk food entering the house, and once it's here it has to be eaten ... doesn't it, doesn't it 🤣🤣

So I've made myself a little Ration Challenge notebook, dug out the ration Challenge water bottle that I won last year, and I'm in the process of getting my head in gear while I answer questions on the Ration Challenge Facebook page from some of this years new participants who are having a little wobble.

Fundraising is going to be hard this year and yet if we want to get the pack, have a spice and earn the few extras we are allowed to help us through the Challenge we do need to climb the fundraising ladder.

Here's a page I've stuck into my little notebook -

This is to help me monitor where I am on the Earnings Rewards ladder.

As you can see by my one and only tick I currently have my unlimited spice.  This was earned, along with my ration pack, by self-sponsoring.  This year once again I have chosen Cumin.

It's no good me trying for teabags as I don't drink tea.  So my next aim is salt.

And oh boy do I need salt!!  

Last year I went through two thirds of a salt cellar worth just to get some flavour into my foods.

So will you help me get to the magic £125 level over the next few days?  Thanks to some of my family I am now at the dizzying height of £96.80.  Thank you so much if any of you are reading this  😃

You don't have to make it a huge amount, just scroll past the pictures until you get to Other Amount and type in whatever you would like to donate.  Every pound is gratefully accepted and very needed. 

 Last year between us we managed to raise £780.90 ... enough money to feed five refugees for an entire year.

I will put a link to my fundraising page onto the sidebar of this blog from now until the end of the Ration Challenge, so if you don't have any spare cash now you can easily find the link again.

Thanking you ... in anticipation of salt  😁

When I reach the next level I'll share what else I've stuck in my little Challenge notebook.

Sue xx


  1. Replies
    1. WOW!! Thank you so much Joy. Yay, I have salt :-)

      Next stop ... a vegetable!!

      THANK YOU. xx

  2. I'll make my contribution as soon as funds allow, Sue (expensive time this month).

    1. Don't worry about it Sooze, cheer me on via the comments box ♥️

  3. Good luck Sue:) Pity I couldn't add the gift aid money not being a UK tax payer:(

    1. It doesn't matter. Thank you so much for your donation ♥️

  4. I will be cheering you on from Canada. Hope you get lots of sponsors.

    God bless.

    1. Thank you Jackie. I'll have to get you all some cheer-leaders pom-poms :-)


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