Thursday 30 July 2020

Doing the Challenge Slightly Differently to Last Year

Last year I took part in the Ration Challenge as an individual, this year I decided I would join a team.

  You still have to earn your way through all the levels to have the little extras that make the challenge bearable but there are a couple of perks to be had as a team member, as well as the moral support you get from people also doing the challenge.  More needed I think by anyone who doesn't have a wonderful blog readership and friends that I have here.

Being in a team, which is a maximum of six people, means that we all get to use the spices that our other team members have chosen as their spice of choice ... as well as our own.  So up to now as well as the Cumin that I earnt for self sponsoring I also have the ability to add Cinnamon, Paprika and Chilli powder to my little Ration Challenge larder, two team members have yet to decide on their spice of choice.   We also get to have 210mls of milk each, which I'm thinking I will use to make some rice pudding for breakfast on a couple of the days.

I can't picture what 210mls of milk looks like so I am going to have to pour some into a measuring jug and have a look ... it doesn't sound like much does it, but it will be a very welcome addition!!

And thanks to the last donations I received I have now reached the dizzying heights of being able to have 170g of a vegetable of my choice.

And, just the same as last year because it worked so well I have chosen onions.

I had a little weigh-athon to remind myself just how much onion this can be.

Thank you so much to everyone that has sponsored me up to now and for all the good wishes and interest shown in the Ration Challenge.  I'll be back tomorrow when I am back at the Van with another update.

Sue xx



  1. What a good way to go! It will still be tough but it's amazing (and a bit of a lesson to learn maybe, for me) the huge difference just a little extra makes. Worth remembering when I think 'My bit won't do any good'.

  2. I think this is something that this type of Challenge teaches you ... that every bit matters.

    And it's every bit of everything, the food you can earn as added extras, the morale support from friends and family when you are having a down day or something goes wrong. The sponsorship money that comes in as a £2 donation from someone who you know can ill afford it.

    Bits matter ♥️

  3. Being on a team will certainly give you a boost. Not only the extra spices but sharing of recipes, and encouragement.

    God bless.

    1. Yes hopefully, and we seem a good mix. All completely different from each other and dotted all over the UK 🙂


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