Monday 30 March 2020

Crazy Days Challenge - Day Five

I feel like I've lost my cooking mojo a bit recently ... and this is not a good time to do that!!

So today in an effort to retrieve it, I looked through the cupboards found the amalgamated potatoes from the Van and here in Wales and picked out the ones that needed using up first.  I flicked the sprouting bits off all the others and put them back in their bag and into the dark cupboard.

I had planned a sort of Sunday lunch with roasties, vegetables, stuffing balls and chicken for Alan but I think he's eaten all the chicken portions that were in the freezer, he passed by as I was rummaging in it's frozen depths and spotted some fishy thing I had just removed to look behind.

There, I literally just went and photographed it so I could add it to this post.  Two Coquilles St Jacques.  Originally bought as a starter for him at Christmas they have been in the freezer in the kitchen ever since.  Anyway he fancied them for his lunch so the meal plan has been changed slightly.  These for Alan and a vegetable Curry Pie for me, also from the depths of the freezer but I think bought only a few weeks ago, along with some buttery boiled potatoes and vegetables. 

Being adaptable is the name of the game at the moment, both  with meal plans and ingredients.  If you don't have enough of one thing add another.  If you don't have leeks use onions and vice versa.  It's keeping us on our toes in a good way all this and I think in many ways it's what all us frugalistas have been training for our whole lives.

So now I have a big pan of potatoes peeled, chopped and ready for cooking.  

Don't worry they are not all for lunch, I have made planned leftovers here.  I have two packets of ready rolled shortcrust pastry in the fridge so I feel a spot of pie making coming on tomorrow, and no matter what goes into the pies a bit of chopped or mashed potato will be a good filler to pad them out.

Also out on the worktop thawing is part of a loaf from the freezer, for toast in the morning … we do usually toast from frozen but Alan had taken the whole loaf out of the freezer for some reason.  I quickly repacked the end that had thawed the most into an old bread wrapper and left it out, and popped the rest straight back into the freezer.  

There is also a pack of buns so we can have a Choppy Salad bun each for tea again, we rarely eat two cooked meals in one day so a bun along with a bit of extra salad or a bag of crisps will be more than enough later.  My pie is thawing nicely ready for lunch and the pan of potatoes will be okay on the worktop until I decided to start cooking lunch.

That's better … I feel my planning and cooking mojo returning already  😃

Sue xx


  1. When I am doing spuds, I always do a bit extra, I love a bit of mash.

  2. Ah ha - another one here with an evolving meal plan at the moment! I've switched to planning just a couple of days ahead as that's the easiest way of keeping track of items that need using, and tomorrow's planned spicey fish stew is now going to be fish pie instead as I too have potatoes needing using up!

  3. I try to make a few extra potatoes when I cook as well. We like them fried up as a side with eggs in the morning, kind of like hashbrowns only larger.

    God bless.

  4. Those of us who are used to improvising and making use of what we have rather than buying every ingredient specific to a recipe will, I think, fare best when many items are in short supply


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