Thursday 26 March 2020

Crazy Days Challenge - Day One - Choppy Salad

So off I went yesterday grabbing the saddest and tired-est looking things from the fridge and making sure that they don't go to waste … although the chickens would not agree that they do go to waste when they get chucked over the fence in their direction!!

Anyway the things that really did need using up first were the ever so slightly squidgy peppers and the drying out already prepped celery.

They were all chopped into little bite sized pieces (as opposed to big bite sized chunky pieces) and mixed together in a bowl with a couple of onions and some cucumber … and don't they suddenly look a lot fresher and more appetising when you do this!!

The majority of the chopped veggies were put into one of my glass/plastic lidded storage tubs ...

… with a folded kitchen paper topper.

By doing this you can stop the salady vegetables from turning into a watery mush or from drying out.  The paper absorbs any excess water and then feeds it back to the remaining veggies for a good few days of freshness.

As long as your storage tub has a good seal you can store the tub alternate ways up in the fridge with the paper either at the top one day and the bottom the other.  Anyway each time you get the tub out to use some of the contents give it a good shake to remix the contents.

Our first meal from the Choppy Salad which is what we call this type of prepared mix was as part of a salad bun for lunch.  I lifted out two spoonfuls of the salad, ,chopped it a little bit finer and mixed it with a dollop of mayonnaise to make a nice sandwich filler.

This was then added to a couple of slices of chicken for Alan and the vegan Quorn equivalent for me.

Served alongside the buns was the rest of the pack of these Veggie Straws, a tasty crunch to make the small lunch last longer.  

Did you know that it can take your brain a good 20 minutes to let you know that you are full up, so eating slower and having nibbles with a simple sandwich can be a real boon in weight loss … or food rationing!!

I have a plan for a bit more of the Choppy Salad to go with our tea.  It's a real morale lifter to know that a part of the meal is already prepared and washed up from when you're racking your brains thinking what to eat next. 

Sue xx

Jamie Oliver's Facebook page has all the links and recipes to accompany his latest quickly made television series.  Find it here ...


  1. Good idea Sue, I had a salad yesterday, It would be easier to have a tub in the fridge all ready prepared.

  2. That salad looks so colourful, Sue. It's really true that we eat with our eyes as much as our mouths isn't it?

  3. I have a couple of red pepper and a bit of cucumber left as far as said bits & pieces are concerned. But, I do have some carrots so I will make up some into carrot sticks and then have all 3 with some hummus as part of a light supper this evening. I'm trying to really keep an eye on the fresh veg as that is the one thing that may drive me out for some groceries next week.

  4. Wonderful idea. It really looks appetizing all chopped up.

    God bless.


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