Saturday, 28 March 2020

Crazy Days Challenge - Day Three

Looking through the cupboards I realised that I had the Tahini from the Van and the Tahini from here in Wales both only half full.  It seemed a silly waste of cupboard space and as I'm sure they were of a similar age I decided to decant them both into a glass jar.

Gosh it's sticky stuff to move around, as bad as peanut butter, which is what it is very similar too.  I got it everywhere … but licking my fingers was tasty  😄

I do like things in glass jars, but I am afraid I have become 'cupboard blind'.  Similar to the 'nose blind' of some air freshener advert on television,  I am that used to seeing the things in the cupboards that I have stopped seeing or using the things in the cupboards.

NOW  is a perfect time to bring that nonsense to an end!!

I had a very black banana on the worktop, so black that I think usually the chickens might have had a treat ... but not this week.  I mushed it up and added it to some flour, sugar, Flora and apple sauce and some of the Glace cherries from the jar in the cupboard and made a quick banana loaf.

Alan had some with custard for his supper and I had a couple of slices with my last coffee of the day.  There's just about enough left to repeat the supper again tonight, even after Alan had two slices with his mid-morning cup of tea.  The only drawback to making this is that it's made us both crave even more home-baking.

I will have to check the cupboards for all the other ingredients I can make use of, well at least it will start to empty those jars!!

Sue xx


  1. I have a bit of a jar thing, I just prefer seeing things in jars, and its much better than open packets. I see you like the lotus biscuits as well, I always keep them in. Home baking is so good.x

    1. Yes, so many cafés that we go into (or should I say used to until recently) don't have anything dairy free for me, so I nearly always have a pack or two of these in my bag 🙂

  2. Home baking really is addictive, I agree. Even the flops taste great! You banana bread looks far from a flop, mind you, it looks utterly delicious!

  3. I had 3 soft bananas this week, mashed them up, added oats until the consistency was right, added some sultanas and some cinnamon. Lined a baking tray, put the oven on 160, used an ice cream scoop and put them on the tray, used a fork to flatten them slightly and baked for 12-15 mins. Lovely and no sugar or butter used, so healthy as well. I am looking for recipes that don't use eggs as only have 3 left, came up with the depression cake, flapjacks and scones, so far. The Banana loaf looks delicious. Helen S.

  4. This is a great time for all of us to empty those jars an boxes. I must do this more often myself.

    Thanks for the reminder.

    God bless.

  5. This is definitely a time for sorting out and using up. The banana bread looks delicious :)

  6. Your banana bread looks yum. It's one of my favourites. I've been baking and using up odds and sods.


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