Wednesday 23 December 2020

The One Hundred Books Challenge


Right back at the start of this year I began one of the six Challenges that I have managed this year.

  You'd think with a year of more time and less ability to do so much of what we normally do in our day to day lives completing Challenges would have been a doddle, but in many ways this year has proved harder than most to set my mind to anything.

With such huge disruptions to normal living and in my own life, Challenges were at times just not on my mind at all.  You would also think that given all that 'extra time' lockdown gave us, staying at home, following rules etc etc reading more books would have been a given to an avid book collector like myself.  

Quite the contrary, if anything I found myself harsh on my collection and lots of books were jettisoned without even appearing on my list of read books, after all if I didn't read more than a couple of pages they didn't deserve an entry at all.  I made more than £140 selling books through Ziffit and donated some to charity shops when they were open.

So how did I do?

Below is the final tally of the books I read each month and the grand total is 45 books read.  Not the one hundred that I aimed for, not even the halfway point ... a sad years reading in my opinion and I know I can do better.  

Hopefully next year will be better and this brings me to something else.  Next year this blog will be dormant as I have started a new blog for a hopefully year long Challenge that I am hoping to complete.  It too involves a lot of reading ... so maybe I will find my reading mojo somewhere along the way ... and it deserves to stand alone with it's own space in blogland.

If you scroll to the bottom of this post you will find a link that will take you to the first page of that blog and posts will begin in earnest next week.  Thank you for reading all about my Challenges this year.  The links of all my Challenges for the past three years will remain on the sidebar if you wish to read them.

My 2020 Reading Total


45 - kept

44 - gone

43 - kept

42 - kept

41 - gone


40 - kept

39 - kept


38 - gone

37 - kept

36 - gone

35 - gone

34 - gone

33 - gone


32 - kept

31 - kept


30 - kept

29 - kept 

28 - gone


27 - kept

26 - kept


  25 - kept 

24 - kept 


 23 - kept

22 - gone

21 - kept 

20 - gone  


19 - gone  

18 - gone

17 - gone

14/15/16 - gone


13 - gone

 12 - gone


11 - kept

10 - gone

9 - kept


8 - kept

7 - kept

6 - kept

5 - gone

4 - gone

3 - gone

2 - gone

1 - gone

The link to the new blog:

I'll see you over there.  If you are interested please click on the Follow button on the sidebar of that blog, and thank you to those of you who spotted the first post go live and added your names immediately.

Sue xx


  1. Thanks for the link.
    You read a load of lovely books, even if you didn't get the number you wanted. Two per week is quite a challenge.

    1. I suppose it was really, but you would have thought during lockdown I might have managed it. I'm obviously not as prolific a reader as I used to be :-(

  2. Well done Sue, great selection of books:) I have so many new unread books, less than 5 read this year:( Must do better in 2021:) Off to check out your new blog♥ xx

  3. No 21 the Charlie Mackesy one intrigues me, I have been reading an article in my Country Living magazine about the author and really want to read it now. I've got the Katie Fforde one on my kindle and I can see a fair few in the list that I would love to read too. Have a lovely Christmas Sue x

  4. I'll definitely take a closer look at a few of these and see if they are available at the library.
    Myself and many of my friends, all avid readers, have found the same thing happened this year - we thought that we would read tons and tons of books and instead we have all found it difficult to concentrate.
    It has only been in the last six weeks or so that I seem to have gotten my reading mojo back again. I think I'll try keeping track in 2021 and see how I do.
    Off to check out the new challenge blog now.

  5. Just clicked on the new blog and can't wait to read through.

  6. You read an awful lot even if not to your challenge. I will be lucky to count 12 for the year.


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