Wednesday 7 October 2020

Challenge Six - The Coupon Challenge - It Should Have Been Day Four


So this should have been Day Four and the day to go shopping and use up my £7.50 worth of usable Nectar Points ... only the great Welsh lockdown happened!!

As I needed to be at home in Wales to cover for Alan working away next week I couldn't get back to the Van and still be able to return to Wales when needed.  So I'm here without having the chance to buy the food that I had planned ... and with a need to use up a lot of the food in the cupboards here too.  So this last leg has been put on the back burner for now.

The Sainsbury's I now use is near the Van and although I could travel to the one in Rhyl and perhaps do the grand finale that I had planned for this Challenge here, I think I would rather chomp my way through what I have in store here instead of moving house with it.

So the Grand Finale was going to be to live for a week on whatever I could buy in one visit to Sainsbury's using only my Nectar points and up to 20p for overage.

Oh well ... the best laid plans of mice and men and all that!!

One good thing is that I found a lottery ticket here at home in Wales being used as a bookmark in one of my books, and checking it on my phone I realised that it was a £30 prize winner.  Yay 😃

I have also been busy Ziffit-ing my books, as car boot sales have been non-existent in our part of Wales.  My first box of over £50 worth went off with the DPD man yesterday.  If that goes smoothly another will be following next week.

Sue xx


  1. The Gods really seem to be in your favour and lady luck is on your shoulder. Well done you deserve to be happy. X

  2. Yay! Well done on the lottery win. Ziffit usually pay up pretty quickly,Sue, that's where most of my books went before we moved last year. Perhaps your new challenge could be "How to furnish my new flat on the proceeds from book sales" 😉 x

  3. Win win situation:) I'm going to check if we have anything like Ziffit here in Oz.........

  4. Lucky you on that lottery win.

    God bless.

  5. A lottery win as well! How fantastic is that!


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